dereck quock

Hi 👋 I'm Dereck Quock

I do full stack development and I love building things that help people. Find out more about me here. 🍻🍻🍻 Cheers!

Query for Different Avatar Image Sizes from Cloudinary with GraphQL

Query for the exact avatar image size from Cloudinary

3 min read

Write Media Queries Once, Use Everywhere

Using emotion and facepaint, we can define breakpoints and reuse media queries

1 min read

Be Like Water

Learn to keep it simple, adapt to your environment and focus on the end goal

2 min read

Using Sticky Positioning

Learn how to use sticky positioning to create sticky experiences

2 min read

Looping Opacity Animation in React Native

An example of how you can loop opacity animation in React Native

1 min read

Finally Building a Personal Website

A summary of my experience building a personal website

1 min read