dereck quock

what's good! 👋 i'm dereck

I'm a software engineer from the Bay Area 🌉

I studied computer engineering at Cal Poly SLO and fell in love with web development after taking a software engineering tech elect class. Although building robots are fun 🤖 I've always been passionate about crafting enjoyable user experiences.

After I graduated, I started my journey at PayPal and became fascinated with the payments space and enabling commerce all over the globe. Since my wife is in the healthcare space, I wanted to join her in trying to help better the lives of others. Now I'm at Alto Pharmacy on the Providers team and it's been a blast 🚀

I focus mainly on React, React Native, GraphQL, and all things JavaScript & TypeScript.

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More about me

I love my wife 💁 and my dog 🐶

My wife and dog

I love a delicious beer 🍺 or a whiskey neat 🥃


I love golf ⛳ and music 🥁 (I can play the drums)

Me and Rickie Fowler